Install Windows 10 on a MacBook Air 2011

Here's how to install Windows 10 on a Macbook Air 2011, even though it's not officially supported by Apple.… »

Så slipper du bli hackad

Media ger råd om hur man undviker att få sina sociala mediekonton hackade - men glömmer alltid det viktigaste rådet.… »

How to fix Horrible Picture Quality on Monitor Connected to a MacBook

Your MacBook will mistake your external monitor for a TV if it's not made by Apple, which will completely ruin picture quality. Here's how to fix it.… »

Acing your HTTP Security Headers Exam

Learn how to use HTTP security headers, for the protection of your site and its users.… »

Using Google Drive for all Office files

Learn how to make Google Drive your preferred application for Office files in MacOS… »

Upgrading the RAID Firmware on a Dell Server with Ubuntu

How to upgrade the firmware for a PERC6/i RAID controller on a Dell Server running Ubuntu… »

How to get Google Drive File Stream working in MacOS

Installing Google Drive File Stream on MacOS requires changing Security settings in a less than intuitive location.… »

Moving Ghost to MySQL

Ghost uses SQLite by default, here's how to move it to a MySQL database.… »

How to Reload Caddy Configuration Without Breaking All Your Sites

Here is a workaround to update Caddy configurations in a Docker container without have one bad config break all sites served.… »

How to Copy Your Raspberry Pi to a new SD Card

Cloning a Raspberry Pi SD card has a lot of pitfalls, for instance when the copy won't fit on a new card of the same size. Here are some hands-on tips.… »

Ripping and Encoding DVDs with MakeMKV

(tl;dr - just show me how to rip DVDs with MakeMKV) I don't buy a lot of movies anymore. Basically everything I want to watch is on one of the big streaming services, and that comes with both convenience (mobile apps, subtitles, correct naming) and sound morals compared to… »

Presence Detection with Unifi

The more you dabble with home automation, the more you realize how nice it would be to be able to keep track of when members of the household come and go. Things like automatically turning on a few lights when you come home late, or knowing that your kids got… »

Setting up Dell OpenManage on a server running Ubuntu

I have a couple of left-over Dell servers from work running in my basement. Installing Ubuntu on them was actually quite easy and they run just fine - the biggest challenge on all of them was getting them to boot from a bootable USB memory (lot's of tinkering in BIOS… »

Setting up a RethinkDB cluster in Docker

I really like RethinkDB, and after a time of shaky waters they have no joined the Linux Foundation and we're hoping for a stable future. One of the big selling points of RethinkDB is how easy it is to set up a cluster of servers. Basically you do it like… »

Accessing a SMB host over SSH on a Mac

SSH is a fantastic application. If you have SSH access to a server, you can use it as a VPN to access non-public services on the remote machine or any other on the network the remote machine has access to. The format for an SSH tunnel is this: $:>ssh… »

Leveraging browser caching with Caddy

To get the maximum performance from your site, you need to make the user's browser cache your site. Google Pagespeed and tools like it complain a lot when that doesn't happen. To activate browser caching, set appropriate headers. There are basically three methods to choose from: Cache-Control Expires Etag Expires… »

How to not get hacked

There's a lot of talk about people being hacked, especially on social media. In Sweden, SVT (Swedish PBS) even made a series about it called Dold (Hidden). They had some good advice about passwords - like don't use the same everywhere. They also had some questionable ones - like change… »

Shrink your virtual hard drive file in Docker for MacOS

I really like Docker for MacOS. Not having to explicitly run a virtual machine acting as your Docker host saves a lot of time and headaches. However, Docker for MacOS is still doing just that - running a virtual machine that is your Docker host. And as with all virtual… »

Zeit - a nice scheduler for Node.js

At one point or another you want to stuff in your code to happen at intervals. The requirements usually vary - it could be at fixed points in time, once every day, a fixed number of times, a regular interval between starts, a regular intervals between the last finish and… »

Make Array.forEach synchronous even with an asynchronous body

Array iterators in JavaScript are beautiful things, if you don't know about them read up on them here. Array.forEach is handy for doing something to each item in an array synchronously and in order. So when forEach returns you can be sure that "something" was done to… »