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SÃ¥ slipper du bli hackad

Media ger rÃ¥d om hur man undviker att fÃ¥ sina sociala mediekonton hackade - men glömmer alltid det viktigaste rÃ¥det.… »

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Ripping and Encoding DVDs with MakeMKV

(tl;dr - just show me how to rip DVDs with MakeMKV) I don't buy a lot of movies anymore. Basically everything I want to watch is on one of the big streaming services, and that comes with both convenience (mobile apps, subtitles, correct naming) and sound morals compared to… »

Presence Detection with Unifi

The more you dabble with home automation, the more you realize how nice it would be to be able to keep track of when members of the household come and go. Things like automatically turning on a few lights when you come home late, or knowing that your kids got… »